204 - Chocolate Salty Balls

Sun 05 Aug 2007
Richard Mundy

Ollie, Aaron and I went for a 2.5 hour jaunt down 204e. The main purpose was to place some thermistors in Chocolate Salty Balls for Aaron.

Meanwhile, Ollie and I looked at some QMs 01-39 C should be downgraded to a D lead. It seems to be boulder choked.

The nearby B lead, if it corresponds to the hole in the floor, looks really very tight and very steep.

01-36C was pushed. It turns right, then becomes too tight.

It is worth noting that Andrew 'Andy' Atkinson and co have replaced the handline in Cave tree chamber with some red 2006 9mm. I would have put in some 2003 myself, but don't ultimately care.

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