204 - Gaffered -> The Wares -> Software

Mon 30 Jul 2007
Becka Lawson

Bimbled down Gaffered, all looking very familiar. Before that, had to scrounge rope from the pitch into On A Mission and a bag from the top of Gosser Streamway as there was all of 1.8m of rope left at Top Camp. Rigged from Gardener's World down and then up into the Wares. Andrew slung a rope down QM 04-23C and reported it as short passage to ~8m pitch (QM B) then we went into Software and continued QM 05-73A. Wookey put in a marginal-to-the-point-of-scary rig on small naturals down ~10m to a small chamber. He and Julian surveyed a Quaking-esque tube, drafting slightly, heading down, leaving it as a tight QM C with sound of water. Andrew and I headed left, back parallel to the main Wares passage in gradually smaller passage down to a flat-out wriggle but then it headed up steeply and into a small chamber. Left here probably linked back to near the start of the Wares passage. Right was a steeply descending rift, QM B. Unfortunately the strong draft coming out of Software that had drawn me back there seems to come from the roof rubes above the pitch. Uneventful trundle out, taking out all the rope we'd brought in. Oh yes - had Phil's Pony to survey with and its the bee's knees.

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    2007#99 software3 ['notes2', 'notes1', 'plan']
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