204 - Razor Dance -> Gobi Trail

Sat 28 Jul 2007
George North

We had meant to get underground before 9.00am, but unfortunately Andreas and myself were feeling rather sleepy in the morning and so we managed to get underground shortly after 11:00am. We had a smooth 4 and a bit hour journey down to the pushing front, slowed down slightly by Andrew A's enormous camera case (which was later left in 'The Silk Road').

We commenced the surveying by re-doing a couple of the legs in 'The Forbidden City' that had gone pear-shaped on the previous visit. We also had had a quick look down some sandy crawls at the base of the chamber, but they would all seem to offer only long term digging prospects. We surveyed up the large loose passage at the top of the chamber for approximately 100m. There is a climb there where care needs to be taken not to slip! It appeared as though the passage was going to crap out, but a low crawl led to a complex junction. We chose the RH passage as it was heading towards KH, but the LH passage looked excellent too. A few survey legs with good formations led us to a junction with a passage with a very small trickle of water flowing down it, where we decided to call it a day. Our highest point is now 118m above the sump level. Another uneventful if tiring, journey out had us at the surface at 1.00am ish. Lots more question marks!

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