Fucking about in the Quarries (?)

Mon 30 Jul 2007
Pete Harley

(Maybe others not listed)

Some of the people at top camp decided that caving was effort. They were right. Therefore we decided to look at some hole we had walked past on a previous slack day showing newcomers where Tunnocks is.

We passed 204 E to find some reasonably deep but snow filled holes. Armed with a drill Nial bolted our way down a hole. Our team (Nial, Pete and Sarah) was joined by Jon after Pete had descended and decided we didn't have enough rope. Aided by Jon what we decided was 2007.03 was descended to a snow plug and a slot followed by Jon. We surveyed down the slot to a choke. It turns out this place was probably already explored in 2002. Frank laddered down a hole that had a vital connection to where we had been. Sarah and I looked [continued 3 pages later: 'Quarries continued'] in another hole that had a bolt already in place and found no leads. Sarah + Jon looked at some other places further in the Tunnocks direction which one of them will have to write about. To conclude: Time wasted - 1 day.

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    2007#39 software - the wares ['notes1', 'elev2', 'elev3', 'plan2', 'elev1', 'plan1']
    2007#99 software3 ['notes2', 'notes1', 'plan']
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    Fucking about in the Quarries (?)