Surface Prospecting - 81/82/85

Sat 28 Jul 2007
Jenny Black

Olly's guts weren't very happy so we picked an objective that would never put us far from an entrance. We decided to survey 81 and 85 and check for leads. We started with a quick look into 82 to look at the ice stal and train tunnel passage. No ice this year at all and very little snow. Train tunnel passage as impressive as ever, we noticed a stooping/walking passage on the right which we followed (just a hole in the floor and a lower passage) to the entrance of 83 - hurray, a connection!

Also discovered another hole in the same doline as 85 which had another 2 entrances (at least) and appears in the 81 doline. Surveyed 81 and looked for leads - the only one was a climb up an aven which turned out to be an inlet only.

Surface surveyed 81 to 81b to 85 tags and went home - will complete the other surveying soon. This is an interesting area with a phreatic level not far from the surface. If some of it heads under the Vord-Hinter ridge (like 82) it should be very cool.

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