204 - 11 Second Rattle

Mon 23 Jul 2007
Richard Mundy

'The Widowmaker' by Sarah White -
drawing of skull and crossbones and 'The Reliant Swede' by Andreas
Forsberg - rigging diagram - 3 rebelays and 5 deviations

"The Widowmaker" by Sarah White

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.


"The Reliant Swede" by Andreas Forsberg

Rigging diagram - 3 rebelays and 5 deviations

The previous page illustrates the work done on our trip of 23rd July. We adapted the 11 Second Rattle rig to one that can be descended without "Brown Alert" ensueing.

Andreas commented that "this is the worst shaft that I have ever seen" (for rigging difficulty), yet proceeded to reduce Sarah's 7 rope to one trivial one.

Andreas then helped us to descend "The Super Fun Happy Slide" into "Wet Dry World" - via the placement of a bolt using his skyhook and much discomfort.

The slide is a phreatic tube downward at 45°ree;. A pretty bit of cave, dropping into the roof of Wet Dry World, a chamber with a rocky/bouldery floor, a boulder choke, many holes in the ceiling, some squeezes in the walls and some water dripping down one wall.

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