204 - Razor Dance

Thu 19 Jul 2007
Dave Loeffler

Our hopes of an early start were sabotaged by the realisation that the drill battery was (a) flat and (b) broken. Several hours of charging and some gaffer later, we got underground around noon.

At the pushing front, James + I cowered damply while Andreas rigged the pitch with a Y-hang + rebelay 2m further down. This landed in an elongated rift chamber, with a fairly narrow but ruler-straight slot leading off. Andreas went ahead with the bolting gear while we started surveying.

The slot widened out somewhat + a scramble up onto a ledge led to a keyhole-type phreatic tunnel + slot in the floor. Andreas rigged a traverse where the slot began to widen + reached a stance overlooking a deep, dark pool of water.

Andreas attempted to answer the question 'is this a sump?' by traversing out along the ledge to see round a corner, but ran out of battery. So we headed out, leaving the depth certainly over 600m.

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