Surface Prospecting - Surface messing

Thu 19 Jul 2007
Richard Mundy

After an 11 hour and a 9 hour trip, Ollie and I fancied a day off. We travelled to Rundereisehoehle with Aaron in order to wire and start some data loggers. We had installed thermistors 3 days before, Aaron and I not setting a call out and thus prompting a rescue to begin at nightfall! The weather was scorching (hence Ollie's radiation burns all over) in contrast to last week's snow. We did well, apart from Aaron falling and filling his USB cable with dirt, rendering it useless to start data loggers.

Later in the day Ollie and I went surface prospecting. We found a promising hole on the ridge just behind 03-01. We now consider this a rediscovery of 2003-02. Our journey onwards was not fruitful, but on our return leg, not a couple of hundred metres from the bivi, we came across an area riddled with uncharted cave. We tagged 2007-01 and Ollie sent me down (I was geared up). A vertical climb down opened into a hollow plate a few metres down. A boulder floor made the "C" QM in the floor dangerous. An edge exit was too tight. Many vertical openings existed in a similar place. We tagged one, 2007-02, but did not descend.

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