2007-72 - Batter pot (2007-72)

Wed 18 Jul 2007
Jenny Black

It was a bit cloudy so decided that surface shaft might be feasible. Went to look at an entrance Olly spotted in 2005 roughly above Pancake Chips aven. It draughts slightly out and is sloping down on the side of a shakehole. Needed to move some rocks out of the way to get in. Sadly it didn't go much more than 10m, the draught comes out of a 5-10cm wide rift, which appears after a few metres to open up. There is another route lower down which checked and didn't draught. Surveyed this and surface surveyed this to Ice Curtain cave and on to 99. Went out to look for 102 to tie it into the surface survey as the GPS fix is old and thought to be suspect. Sadly failed to find it so will have to return.

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