204 - Razordance Rig

Sun 15 Jul 2007
Anthony Day

The previous day's team had rigged to GLAD (God Loves a Drunk). Our plan was to continue the rig as near to the pushing front as possible, so that a later team could come in and do a quick push. We also intended to install some radon detectors and tidy up various bits of rigging. I put in a higher bolt on the last hang in Ariston and was preparing to descend Kiwi Seat when Mark's bottom exploded. He elected to carry on and caught up with me at the bottom of the first Kiwi Suit pitch where I was installing an extra traverse bolt. Our next job was a bolt for a handline on Dave Dives. Mark drilled a hole, at which point we found that the Hilti pot was missing. It turned out that I had left them at the side of the previous bolts - fortunately they were retrieved by a later party - so the second wave could use the drill. Dumped the drill at GLAD, and continued rigging through Tun and Copper. Put in a handbolt for a deviation on Yeast which looks to have sorted out the rig a treat. At that pitch we called it a day and headed out, meeting the second wave at GLAD. Out at 19.30 and bolted down the hill.

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