204 - Surveying QM's in Treeumphant

Fri 28 Jul 2006

Team novice had managed to arrive at the bivvy at exactly the same time team old-lag were planning to leave it, so I stayed up a few more hours to show them how to push new cave.

We attacked QM 00-21C, a tube on the left-hand wall of Treeumpant. Chantalle climbed in + determined that it went, at which point I realised I'd forgotten the survey notebook.

Got back 1/2 an hour later to find that P+J+C had found a parallel horizontal gallery linking together 00-21, 00-22, and 00-17, which were duly surveyed. 00-19C doesn't go, and 00-16 and 00-18 join up in another parallel gallery on the other side. All now thoroughly ticked off and not going anywhere. Unfortunatly we linked the survey to the wrong point (my fault - oops).

At this point I buggered off to drink Göosser down the hill + left the other to check out Sucker.

(See Pete's writeup).

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