Derigging Riverdance and checking QMs

Mon 31 Jul 2006

After going down 204e we wemt to Treeumphant Passage first to finish the survey of the other day. We had to survey two legs in Treeumphant passage to complete the survey.

We went further south Treeumphant passage to check out the leads 01-53C and 01-54C.

01-53C went up to a small chamber with [sp] looks like 2 passages. It was tight and muddy. John crawled in first, didn't fit through the right passage going north-ish. Chantalle crawled into the left passage. Had to take her helemt off because it was that tight. Could see around a corner the passage continued north-ish with a little chamber with a pile of mud. Didn't look like the ceiling was going up somewhere, so we got out. Couldn't be bothered to survey it. It was too tight anyway. I think it was about 5 meters.

01-54C went down. Chantalle crawled down and went for a meter or 4 before the already tight crawl went even tighter because of a bridge of stone in the middle of the passage. The passage went on beyond there but nothing significant. Didn't survey this bit either. Didn't look like it was going somewhere.

After checking out these leads we went over to Riverdance to derig the pitches. This all went well on the way back up we discovered why it is called Riverdance. There was a lot more water and a pretty waterfall in the 2nd pitch. It was very tiring for John. There were lots of pitches. At this point it was already midnight and we decided to go back up. We also checked the wall at the 2nd rebelay for loose bouldedrs. John kicked some bolders [sp]. It all looks alright now.

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