234 Monster Munch

Mon 31 Jul 2006
Dave Loeffler

Rigged down the lower half of Pie Series and carried a 71m rope to the top of Monster Munch. Phil and Matt set off to survey the continuing horizontal stuff over the top while I descended to the ridge I'd reached last year and continued bolting from there.

A rebelay at that ledge gained a boulderous platform at the top of the main shaft. Placed a horrendously awkward spit ahead of me on the right wall, which sort of gives a hang down the shaft.

The shaft proper is roughly round, clearly phreatic and slightly sloping, about 8-10m across at a guess. Descended until I ran out of rope and turned around and came back up. About 10m below the last rebelay there is a window into what looks like a small chamber with a rift in the floor - maybe this might be a slightly less intimidating alternative rig?

On the way out we did some ferreting. The following information is recorded in the survey notes but I may as well put it here as well.

05-09C doesn't go

05-06B doesn't go

05-04C links back to the beginnning of Pie R2 (but not at 05-02B which is not pushed)

05-05C goes up a horrible mud slope and ends at a dig (we did some survey legs up but I'm not sure if those got entered)

05-08A downgraded to a C - horrendous tight bend over a 3m drop, not nice (maybe

05-03C links to the other side of this?)

04-35B (at bend just at top of Flashgun Ch) becomes awkward - descending tight boulderous tube

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