204 - Plan Not Interesting

Sun 25 Aug 2002
Martin G

Earl and I surveyed down the 70-odd metre first pitch. I drew up the sketches from Dave L and my previous survey, while Earl continued rigging down. When I caught up, Earl had been part way down the next pitch, looking for a route which may stay dry in the wet, with a limit of the 5 hiltis we had with us. He used the rope from the previous pitch, which was attached to a horizontal thread in the rift. He set along [I think that's what it says] a sloping muddy ledge, to a large natural, which he got a sling around, then abseiled down a rope attached to the rope while haging on the rope above with his jammers. [It's a mystery to me what this means, even though I've seen the rig] The pitch went down to the floor of the rigt, which descended in both directions, towards the previous pitch a tight rift went off, away the pitch continued with a rebelay, to another floor. I came down and rigged the next hang off a horizontal thread at the top of the pitch, using two slings and a couple of maillons. This pitch continued in rift passage, and at the bottom the next pitch was a short distance away, but we had run out of rope, so we surveyed and derigged out of D. Which involved 3 tackle sacks, 2 dangly bags 1 blasted yellow box, down climbing a pitch and two tired cavers, who left half the tackle at the entrance to collect the next day.

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