204 - Plan Not Interesting

Thu 22 Aug 2002
Martin G

I woke up at base camp at 8am, to find by 10am that the plan to get up the hill early turned into a sesh. So I grabbed Dave L, to get a bus into Bad Aussee, with the plan to get the bus up the hill. But the morning bus had already gone. So we hitched, our first lift was after 3km of walking but the next two lifts came quickly. We then walked to Steinbrücken. We went in E, and went down Plan Not Interesting. The drill I took wiht me turned out not to work so I rigged off naturals. I then got Dave to do notes of a survey, to much complaining. "Why should I draw a plan [for this particular station], it is not interesting" "But, knowing that the plan is not interesting is useful information". So Dave wrote "Plan not interesting" in the notes.

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