40 - Try to reach "Window of Opportunity" + derig Mission Impossible

Wed 21 Aug 2002

Come up hill as darkness falls the previous evening. [This has to be the most idiosyncratic tense construction I've ever seen in English.] Get up fairly early and I start to bolt across wall at head of big pitch into Altausseer Halle while Steve festers at the bivvy (since it'll be a while). Soon realise that (a) I don't have the skyhook Wookey left for me and (b) this is going to be tricky without it. Come back out after 3 or 4 spits and we decide to derig MI instead, since the skyhook is probably at 40h.

Uneventful derigging trip. Steve ummed and ahhed at the pendule, but when he tried to derig it he crossed it without any problems. Left the old rope on the pendule, and lugged out the dynamic which is now even heavier.

Found Wookey's skyhook at Eistunnel entrance.

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    40 - Try to reach "Window of Opportunity" + derig Mission Impossible