204 - Tour of Steinbrücken

Sat 17 Aug 2002
Martin G

We went in A, and went to the bottom of Wolpertinger Way, to try to remeasure a dodgy leg, which turned out to be OK. So I do not know what is going on here.

We did a 3m climb down with difficulty, rather than traversing over the top of You're So Veined. We then explored "Up at 35°" [this is described as "Up at 45°" on the survey and the guidebook] (which is off 110 Bidet). This was some phreatic passage leading to a wet chamber, with a too tight passage. A turning off the main way led to a chamber with a pitch, which I free climbed via a crawl which led back to the chamber, which turned out to have three rifts going off which were all very tight. We then surveyed a passage between Treeumphant and Crowning Glory, which was explored but not surveyed last year, mutter. Simon got cold so I had to finish the survey myself. We then exited through E.

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