204 - 204

Thu 23 Aug 2001
Duncan Collis

QM that doesn't exist just before ?99-19c (2nd hole in floor marked after passage to Millennium Dome)

~4m climb down, followed by another similar climb immediately. Descending tube choked with rocks (two of which I had inadvertantly booted down there earlier) which had to be excavated with feet and stacked in limited space at foot of 2nd climb. Way on was blocked by large flake, which succumbed to a few wellie-blows. Squeezed past the fallen flake feet first, and passage continued round r-hand bend. Sudden acetylene leak, plus concerns about reversing squeeze past mobile rock, caused a rout. Hilary had a go next, and was able to turn around just before the squeeze. Crawling in the conventional head-first direction, she progressed to a small aven, and called for me to follow with survey gear.

After this point, the passage continued, and enlarged slightly, passing over a hole in the floor and enlarging to stooping height. Caught up with Hilary on a ledge overlooking a large chamber. The passage appears to continue on the other side, and doesn't look too hard to reach. There is a big ledge ~6m down, and then blackness, perhaps 40m deep. The chamber is called '7-11 chamber', as those were the rope lengths we had available, and the crawl is called "Merry Fucking Christmas". Surveyed out, which was not as grim as I expected.

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