204 - 204

Wed 22 Aug 2001
Duncan Collis

Went to look at a qm recommended by Earl, to the left of the passage from Bonsai Crawl to 204d entrance. Just beyond the roped climb down, shin down some well dodgy BIG boulders and along about 10m to head of pitch. We were under the impression that the pitch was very wide, but the bottom was a great distance away, so we had only brought along a selection of fairly short bits of string. In fact the pitch is rather deep, possibly more than 40m. We tied the bits of string together, looped one end round a flake, and Hilary started bolting (we had planned on using my drill, but it had been 'borrowed'). Two abortive spits later, a total rout occurred, and we buggered off out via 204D entrance.

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