40 - Eishöhle - Mission Impossible

Sat 18 Aug 2001
Hilary Greaves

More connection-seeking mit Hils + Olly (....cont'd from Fri 17th)

Yesterday (18th - bit confused... ) we bolted/climbed up a 20m 45° slope, beyond the sandy slope ( see writeup of Fri 17th). This made us very happy, coz apparently the most promising-looking leads in KH around the Theatre - the nearest part to where we are - are unbolted up-pitches, so, we wanna get high...

'''2001-08-19 | 40 - Eishöhle - Mission Impossible | Hils + Olly'''

we gained a rift passage at the top of the 45° slope. It changes direction lots, has no roof or floor and is confusing. It feels like we're heading up an inlet, or possibly we've intersected one and could follow it up- or downstream. Going to plot centreline to figure out what's happening...

[Olly (while calculating coordinates so we can figure out where the hell we're going); "Yay, we're 3mm further North"]

Following the rift upstream leads to a climb which I've temporary-rigged (needs rigging as a pitch really). At the top you can go left, right or up ... TBC ...

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