40 - Eishöhle - 'Connect to 136 mk II' trip

Fri 24 Jul 1998
Julian Haines

Went back to rift at end of new bit in Eishöhle. Having successfully negotiated the evil-bastard, oversuit-ripping, plastic-boot-catching squeeze, we trolled along to the rift where Julian whacked in a bolt and decended into a false floor full of mud and slime-shit. Another bolt and Julian descended to the bottom where the rift ended, with a small tunnel leading back under the rift. This was too tight for a Haines, probably too tight for an Underwood, and so we ran away. We paused to have a look at the climb, and decided that it would be a silly thing to do without proper climbing gear.

De-rigged to the bottom of the snow slope. Left the cave to find night falling and clag rising. Got changed quickly, stormed up the hill, and got back to the main path just in time.

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