Loser Plateau - Looking for 40, Eishoehle

Mon 20 Jul 1998
Phil Underwood

(please add spelling/grammar mistakes as appropriate)
Went in search of Eishöhle via col between Vorder Schwarzmooskogel & Hinter Schwarzmooskogel. Started ~50m below 136 and traversed round. 300m away and lots too high according to GPS. Went back a bit, and along again. Still too high. Grumbled. Went back to route to 161d and tried again. Found we were 150m away from interesting Eishöhle entrance. Unfortunately, there was lots of [???] (cliffs, rifts) etc. in the way, so eventually did not make it to Eishöhle, and came home grumbling. It was bloody hot & bloody crap.

P.S. We found some random tourists following our cairned path to 161d. Said they were looking for the Appelhaus. Very Odd.

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