161 - Eau Naturel (Locophobia)

Mon 20 Jul 1998
Kate Janossy

Set off to do Fuzzy Logic, but Dan forgot her furry, so Brian + Kate went to investigate the pitch at the end of Locophobia. The other depression nearer the end of Children's Railway (marked as p4 on survey) can be easily climbed into, and here there is a rift leading towards the large pitch. This can be rigged off 2 lovely naturals forming a Y-hang, so this was our chosen route. The bottom of this pitch is a wet pit with a wet, too tight rift going off. However, a few m up you can carry on along the rift to a second pitch.

This could also be rigged beautifully off naturals (with only a small rub). However, we'd used all the slings on the deviation on the first pitch, so Kate replaced these with a donkey's dick and a prussik loop, while Brian rigged the second pitch.

This dropped into the bottom of an aven which is very likely to be the bottom of the big pitch in Locophobia. The rift continued up a boulder climb, then ended with too tight wet rift in the floor. After a scary moment where we dropped the only pencil down the rift, but eventually retrieved it, we surveyed back up + derigged.

The compass was completely crap despite lots of time down my furry, so I just read it from above (sigh!). Couldn't find a survey point to link into at the top, so we surveyd to the tip of the prominent rock outcrop immediately above the rift. Needs to be linked in later to triassic.pt3.1 or triassic.pt3.2 (its between these 2 points)

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