161 - Surveying Siberia Left hand branch

Tue 05 Aug 1997
Andrew Ketley

TU 11½

Fairly swift journey in. Tried to fix previous Siberia survey up to genuine survey station, but couldn't find CM labelled 'end', so settled for CM _not_ labelled 'not this ...' (point 2 of last Siberia survey a few years back).

Set off up LH route - lots of mazy phreatic passage connecting at insane angles with a loop or two. Now X-ened 'Fuzzy Logic'.

Rough description: LH branch off Not This Junction turn sharp left. Passage follows rift for a few metres before turning left again. Rift continues straight ahead, but looks too narrow to push. Small opening on right before left hand turn quickly chokes with mud. Left hand turn leads into Y-junction with swirlpool at intersection. Left leads to steep phreatic tube; this connects back into right hand turn. Right turn leads to connection with left hand turn, then into complicated rift junction. Rift pitches up to left and down to left probably connect up; this is a going lead. Right hand small hole leads into left hand rift and small passages connecting back up the passage, but it is v. tight.

Not having a rope to hand, we went back to poke around in some Siberia leads, brief sketch of crossroads on the way to SEP follows:

[ sketch of Greengables ]

RH passage leads into small chamber with easily climbable (at least for a while) rift off to left and small passage to right.

Middle passage leads into rift junction. High LH passage connects back into route to SEP, straight on in a loop also connecting back to SEP route. Right leads into oval shaped rift with ~6m aven at far end. Small passages off to left of SEP route connect up in easy crawl in muddy phreatic passage which does not appear to close down - 'Burble II - the Mud strikes back'.

At this point it was 1800, so we chugged on out in order to get back at a sensible time.

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