161 - Someone Else's Problem

Sun 03 Aug 1997
Phil Underwood

TU 14

Picked up 75m of 9 mil at the Guillotine. Then went to retrieve Andrew from the far end of Salt Lake, while Jon + Phil set off to survey to SEP.

Faff, Faff, Faff. Eventually the survey to the pitchhead was complete and descents had begun. Wibble, Wibble went the cavers. Twang, Twang, went the 9 mil. F***ING BIG SHAFT. Only rubs a little bit half way up. (Fettled with a loopless rebelay off of a spike on the way out.) The rope was just reachable after unloading it.

LEADS: (1) Down short climb, traverse across head of another climb into a draughting crawl.
(2) Down same climb, climb down again, then down 5m pitch. Undescended ~15m pitch with wind farting up it.

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