136 - Steinschlagschacht

Tue 05 Aug 1997
Chris Densham

First trip in this hole for me - far less chossy than feared, due to latest bolting techniques no doubt. Down to pit at connection between 136 + KH - bolted down 'Distraction' - swing across to a window, down to drippy drafty chamber - with footprints. We'd reached the Orchestra Pit. Surveyed & derigged (50m vert.) then went off to the Gravel Pit. Bizzare place, walls of eroded stuck together gravel. Dried up stream sported a STONKING DRAFT - all it needs is a crowbar to open it up a bit. This must be done soon ! Alas we had no crowbar. So we put in our penultimate bolt in the only solid wall in the area & dropped down to a squitty streamway. "Have a look at it if you want, I'm too fat" said AA. So I grovelled in until enthusiasm waned after 30 mins or so. Then AA continued the flat out crawl in water until that choked too. A Grand Canyon it was not. Saved the seventh & final bolt to take out the rub to the core I'd noticed on the 2nd pitch. Good trip, shame nothing went.

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