136 - Steinschlagschacht (136)

Thu 31 Jul 1997
Anthony Day

TU 8 hours

Bombed down the "Eyehole Route" as far as the limit of the trip on 29/7/97 to find Julian putting in more bolts at the head of the next pitch Some time and 3 bolts later, a distant "pitch free" was heard & I followed. Pitch is approx. 60m with deviation & 2 rebelays. The last 45m is down the wall of a jolly large chamber. (roof not visible from top rebelay (at least 65m high) chamber appears to be part of an enormous rift, ~10m wide and 20m long, choked at either end. At the southern end, a hole is visible ~10m off the ground, possibly accessible by a chossy climb which neither of us fancied our chances of getting back down again without a rope. A hole under the far wall of the chamber from where the rope lands leads to the foot of a drippy aven with no other visible leads. Survey data puts this lot at -257m from 136 entrance and ~30m below the level of Forbidden Land. No obvious draught, though the big pitch is quite breezy. Undid the last 2 rebelays on the way out with a view to hauling the rope out from the top later.

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