Surface - some rambling/digging/surface rigging

Sat 02 Aug 1997
Adam Cooper

Claggy weather so went to
(1) rig/insert spits for an ab off from Scar Face to below the cliff for
a) surveying down lower
b) rescue evacuation to a helicopter landing
(2) dig the back of 1997/01

(1) rescue rig not completed. Ran out of rope and cones (dropped one :-( ). So far one spit + 4m and 3m north of 161d for traverse round + 2 spits ~ 15m N & below at top of grassy swathe. 40m rope from these takes you through relatively choss free and bunder free region ending on a steep cliff face where 2 more spits are needed for a ~ 30m? drop down to walking terrain.

(2) Dig 4m gained but needs more effort to continue to shift sandy floor & more cobbles back in passage. No draft perceived.

_A walking route to the bottom of the Scarface cliff._

Climb approx 15ft above the entrance to 161d, on the path, contour left (southish), aiming at a grassy band below a cliff. Drop diagonally down this grassy band, until an incised gully* (quite narrow) is reached which affords a scramble downwards to a more level patch of broken ground. Contour round & up slightly to the bottom of the cliff.

*Just after entering the gully, a cave entrance behind and to your right (facing down) is seen (entered - no way on ~ 12m of passage & fractured rock floor. Not tagged.) Lower down on the R, right in the gully is another (undescended) cave.

_Another small cave at the cliff base_

Another cave of water worn origin was investigated, (very) approx 150m S of 161d at the base of the cliff. It is dead straight on a bearing ~ 290° and dips at -30° from the entrance. Dimensions approx 0m5 wide, varying in height from ~1m50 to 0m5. Cobble floored. Length approx 16m. Ends in rubble at floor level & 2 impassable slots above. Seems to draft slightly. Marked "+" and '97/2" in carbide, _not tagged_.

Time U/G ~ 1hr

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