161 - Wheelchair Access

Mon 21 Jul 1997
Sam Lieberman

Team 1: _Sam_, Dave, Mike TA
Team 2: Becka, Tony, Mike TA (again)
T/U 5 hours

With a hoard of going leads there was lots for all to do (all five of us). After a certain amount of whinging about the scrofulous route in we were at the pushing ...{Dave gave me a beer at this point} ... front. Through a squeeze to the left there was a pitch with a traverse over the top (apparently pushed by CJD last year), I traversed over the pitch, up a climb, over another pitch and errr... ummm... it all got a bit difficult, but carried on.

[ sketch plan showing location of survey point marked with "M" ]

Having given up the traverse I then proceeded to hammer a spit in, 1/3 of the way in - ping, the rock fell to pieces. The second hole worked and I derigged the traverse and rigged the pitch (1st one), This dropped 7m and ended in a blind, choked rift.

Meanwhile the other team (team 2) were rigging down the right-hand pitch series, a steeply descending ramp, This was rigged to an awkward squeeze constriction ~20m whereupon they ran out of rope, Mike, having carefully forgotten his harness earlier on in the trip, then proceeded to leave his jammers at the top of the ramp series (chalk one up for the Fuckwit Tally).

Soon it was deemed to be 'Time to Go' and we exited the cave. Most people walked back to top camp - however, Dave and I decided to go 'off piste' and had an entertaining time on the Ht. Schwartzmoos Kgl. (see separate write-up when I get round to it).

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    161 - Wheelchair Access