Fri 18 Jul 1997
Mike Richardson

Started from York with Tina'n'Mike and quite a lot of not-very well packed gear, and drove to pick up Dave, thence to Sam's with even more even more crapply packed gear. Sam was out but a quick look through his bedroom window showed a huge pile of even more gear. General opinion was that it wouldn't all fit but Tina started from the position that it would so it did

[pic of estate car with stuff on roof with 15 degree elevation to road]

with Tina and Sam on ½ back seat.

Uneventful journey to chunnel except for fuzz in car who were heard to say 'bloody hell'.

Unloaded Tina and quite a lot on Clive who was going to France to go gorge bashing.

On the shuttle Mike'n'Dave went to see Tony'n'Becka who were there as well; on the way back met Sam who asked if Mike had the keys 'cos he'd locked the Astra. Say no more so Dave kicked a rear quarter light in. Sam is now candidate for expo fuckwit of the year. Apart from that and the fact that it pissed down almost continuously ( and we saw two standard & one very mangled crash) the journey was pretty eneventful. T/T 14½ hours

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