Loser Plateau - Cairning

Wed 23 Jul 1997
Dave Horsley

Whilst the rest were caving I walked from Top Camp to the cave re-cairning the route so I won't get lost again. I also explored three possible digs in the valley/gulley we walk down. Starting from the bottom, on the left as you walk down, just before you get to the bunde highway, you step over it on the walk to the cave. A tight rift with a good cold draft. May go, but needed more in the way of protective clothing than shorts and T-shirt.

In the right hand wall of the valley:

(1) Sam's dig:
Flat out crawl on pebbles with more run in from the right. Way on is a tight rift in the floor at the end. I removed some rocks but rift looks too tight at 5-6 inches wide. But does emit a strong cold draft.

(2) Further up on the right as you walk down the valley/gulley. A circular entrance with mud floor, leads to a 3m deep pot which is blind. The way on over the top of the pot soon chokes - no draft.

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