161 - There 'n' back

Wed 31 Jul 1996
Clive George

BECKA - (of or DaveF/Sam) no date given in entry so I've inserted 31/7

I love driving. Craig left the road a couple of times on the way there due to mistaking slip roads for motorway lanes. Dave F did the same on the way back but it was road works and Jeremy tried to crash in the same spot so he was probably allowed.

Bloody customs at the england end. "Nice dent!" Pulled us over. NO WE HAVE NO DRUGS OR BOMBS NOW CAN WE PLEASE GO TO AUSTRIA IT'S FAR TOO FAR AWAY. "You're indicator's smashed." Fail to tell her it's been that way for over a year now - a bit too much like needling her.

On the way back one of my part worn remoulds gave up. Only had to move two rucksacks to get at the spare! Hoorah.

London was really shit and tedious. Don't ever go there.

The end. Love Clive

Clive 1h20
DaveK Craig) 40m
DaveF Sam )

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