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Sun 07 Jul 1996
Ralph Harwood

BECKA - I guessed the 7/7 date

Planning? Who needs it! I 'phoned Ralph on Wednesday to make arrangements i.e. to meet at Julian's house on Saturday afternoon; Midday Saturday, I arose, packed, and left for Cambridge... 17.30 I arrived, packed the car with Ralph and a load of other shit (sic), and we left for Dover Eastern Docks, stopping only to buy a ferry ticket from the nice man at the P&O booking office. An hour later, we sailed for France, and then decided to look at the map ("Where exactly _is_ Bad Aussee?"). At Calais, we drove until my eyes hurt too much, and then slept for a bit. Then we drove some more, and eventually arrived @ the Potato Hut. So what's the big deal? All credit to Ralph for flawless navigation (just don't mention Luxembourg...), and even more credit to the car for never faltering (thanks, Pete!)

TTT = 27.4 (Cambridge -> Potato Hut).


PS: 45mpg all the way!


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