161 - Pushing 95_54

Sat 06 Jul 1996
Brian Outram

BECKA - I added title and people here as unclear what write-up below refers to Got down to 10m rebelay descended 7m placed another rebelay just below ledge then 60m freehang with deviation off sharp flake on right about 35m down giving nice freehang descent to land on boulder slope at bottom to left is ascending rift up small streamway - not pushed - to right up very loose boulder slope to small col. To left upslope is twisting ascending rift probably part of main shaft so not pushed. Downslope is 3m chimney climb down into rift with loose boulders chocked in rift down looks a bit tight so climb up onto chocks and move along rift. Rift opens out into pitch &plusm; 20m with sound of stream at bottom no gear so exit cave.
TU 5 ½ hrs

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    161 - Pushing 95_54