Plateau - Prospecting trips

Sat 08 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

Due to the lack of knowledge about Main Entrance and the lack of France (entrance under much snow) some prospecting was done. Behind the Hinter, about 50m further the slope from France there is a prominent limestone ridge. This develops into a shallow gulley with a slanting rift at the bottom. This was followed and several blind shafts & slots (too tight) were found. Descended holes have been marked with a scratched cross (no paint). There is a possible rift system here - lots of the slots draught (sounds like a jet engine) but it all seems too tight. Most promising is hole intoslanting rift with snow alope. Marked with cairn and scratched cross. 235° to Vord 305° to col & 350° to end of next lump along (Its obvious when you're there !). Ended in large snow plug - possible way on under it too tight. May be worth second look if bored & its very warm.

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