161 - FRANCE

Mon 11 Jul 1994
Anthony Day


The plan was to rig/survey/derig the big pitch found last year at the bottom of Toothless, which was thought to probably link into Twin Tubs, which sounded like a suitably Noddy trip, then move onto some of the leads off Algeria on the following days. Laugh. Scout jacked at the cave entrance because of his ankle, but that still left four people and one bolting kit, so a lot of sitting around followed whilst we put in five bolts just getting to the head of the big pitch which we failed to descend at all, though we did rig a fine deviation of which Ralph and I were rather proud. I then went down to Algeria to rescue some hangers and rigged the "Y-hang deviation" off two shit spits down Frogs Legs. Emerged to find that Ali & MTS (slack jacking bastards) had put in a traverse line down the cave entrance, which was jolly helpful - I always go wrong there.

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    161 - France
    161 - FRANCE