Fri 08 Jul 1994
Dave Collins

Failed to find bolt driver at main entrance and so it became impossible to do anything to keen. Since I am very novice at S.R.T. the trip took a lot longer than it should have. Anthony took me down France, as far as the bottom of Toothless. On the rebelay just before the bottom of Toothless I got nicely strung up by accidentally abseiling too low. My chest jammer got twisted and so I was unable to get the rope into it to prussik back up. Eventually I got past the rebelay by Anthony prussiking up to it and hauling me across. A bit of a cock up really ! At the bottom of Toothless Anthony went off to the right to examine a new lead. Sadly !? he was unable to pursue it because of lack of a bolt driver. We then both prussiked slowly out of the cave.

T.U. 7 hours

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