Plateau - Prospecting

Thu 01 Jul 1993
Nick Proctor

Much time spent wandering about the plateau looking for caves. Two new (?) ones were found. At the first, Adam decided to abandon the traditional technique of chucking a rock down the hole, and lobbed his rucksack into it instead. Since this contained the rope, a ladder descent was deemed necessary. Adam went down, retrieved the rucksack, and found another pitch which proved to be too long for either the ladders or the rope. Hence a return visit is planned with more rope (>25m) to which end we have marked the route with a cairn (!) The second cave was narrow and sharp and didn't go anywhere.

[Editor's note: "Lost Rucksack Cave" was not found again in 1993, was relocated and better marked in 1995 and finally descended in 1998]

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    Plateau - Prospecting