161 - rigging into Knossos

Fri 02 Jul 1993
Adam Cooper

Started rig from S'not, which Clive had failed to locate

[ grade 1 of how to find S'not ]

Had to put a new bolt in at ~-6m (from the large thread at the top) as suspect previous riggers had used a dodgy thread which fell down the pitch with 2 hammer blows. Zoomed to bottom & hence to Chunnel Pitch, which was >7m (as the rigging guide sez) so we had to use a Bungalow/Poxy pitch rope & cut the top off the new 11mm rope for Poxy. Andy was cold & running thin on light (stinky was dead, Zoom was of unknown duration) so left at Bungalow. Easy rigging down into Knossos, noting the new Hilti bolt on the R from the top belay is much better & gives a fine freehang. Poked about in Yapate etc. to familiarise Mike with system. Out from near Flat Battery in just over 1½ hours to find epic thunderclaps etc. Fortunately not too wet. Good trip.

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