161 - rigging

Wed 30 Jun 1993
Clive George

So, Adam was being organised & said we ought to go caving. We can make it to Knossos in 1 trip can't we. At Top Camp this goes down to the bottom of S'not. Get underground at 4 pm ! Set a precedent we do ! Adam rigged traverse line & [??] better than last year. Then Clive rigs Y-hang, rebelay, goes down looking for deviation. Then goes up & finds rebelay. Then slowly down again "I could do with a deviation here". Marvel of Marvels there is one (off a shit bolt). Eventually down (1 hr to rig !) It was my first one and I bet hundreds of people moan & rerig it etc. etc. rant rant. 2nd pitch. 11mm rope turned to steel hawser. Trying to put it in a clown - eventually hit it with a rock to make the bend small enough. Abbing silly impossible. Shit, push I went with the rope. Crabbed stop off. Push I went some more. Find another deviation. Whee ! (well, almost). Then off crawling a bit, decide we can't find S'not and exit. T/U 3 hrs (I even ran a bit back from T.C. it was so nice) ooh, it was epic.

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    161 - rigging