161 - Dungeon

Fri 31 Jul 1992
Gill Lindsey

Photo trip/pottering. Some photos of 2nd pitch from Big Sainsbury's, showing eyehole from entrance and boulder slope down to S'not. Sponsorship photos on a high slab in Big Sains - having a brew not 20m from the bottom of the 2nd pitch. Trangia works really well underground; brew good moraliser. Then split 3 parties: Mike + Tina more B.S. photos, Sam + Tony down to Dungeon to inspect leads, Gill + Rachel down S'not to explore ?'s and go touristing. Explored uphill from bottom of S'not -> 2 leads (which AndyA and IainM have also been down) choke up, but possible small uphill crawl. Draughts.

Explored holes down right hand fork to Arrow Chamber, without actually getting into the chamber (I think). Rachel scurried down lots stoopy passage/crawls/holes down, some which go quite a way. Worth another look, ie. go towards Arrow Chamber and duck down beneath huge boulder blocking high rift.

Tony + Sam + Mike + Tina proved that Dungeon connects to S'not via a window under a big boulder. 7m pitch at bottom too tight at bottom and choked.

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