161 - Dungeon

Mon 27 Jul 1992
Julian Shilton

Someone finally rigs Dungeon ! Get down, find Dungeon (not that simple, once we went down 2nd pitch). Spend such a long time trying to put a spit in, Gill offers to "nip down S'not and fetch the drill". Off go Gill and Rachel. 2 hrs later, JulianS & Sam finish messing about, go down the pitch, and decide the best way is to rig on through an eyehole. Rig the eyehole. "Can you hear a whistle Sam ?" "Don't think so". About to go down. Hear six whistle blasts. "Oh, SHIT !" Never prussiked so fast in my life. Sam in front, races down S'not. Horrible thoughts of stretchers and falling boulders. Major relief when its just that Gill has been strung up for 1½ hrs. Ends up with Sam undoing the rebelay so she can get past. After this, nobody feels like much more caving, so exit all.

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