161 - France

Thu 30 Jul 1992

Faffed measuring Puffball ropes & eventualy went once it was too hot. Nice 1st trip down France, if a bit drippy. Faffed somewhat surveying down to impressive space at bottom. Also arsed about with rigging in largely vain attempt to improve it, after dire warnings about ropes too short, spits shit etc. Had a good poke round in chamber and found some scrotty stream cave with lots of water in it before boogying out. Took ages to get out, & then we got lost on the way to 161a & I ended up taking 40 mins & going via Vd1 to get my bearings - doesn't limestone look like limestone a lot.

My attempt to go on the ouigee trip largely failed as we were still eating tea at 2 am.

Nice bit of cave though, and having possibly reached the phreatic level it should go like a train.

[grade I sketch of chamber]

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