Puffball derig - 1st Wave

Tue 23 Jul 1991

Henry & co came back from eishohle reporting thunderstorm the next day (afternoon) so it was obviously necessary to derig puffball immediately.

Andy & Henry volunteered for 1st team but it was reckoned that Henry dragging a baggy all the way from the bottom would have an unfairly hard time so that meant Wook or Olly: Wooks had had 2½ hours sleep since getting out at midday so he got the job,

Went to go caving before realising that I had forgotten my oversuit. Met Tony halfway back with oversuit (& wellies !). Underground by 10.30 (pm)!

Zoomed down to the end to laugh at ladders. Too many tacklebags and too much gear made for a slow exit. Met Henry & Olly at 1st pitch. T. Bags were bastards, esp. in Q.S.C. & Tarzan's Folly. We were so fuckin' 'ard - shifted about 40 kilos of gear out (& my bag was heaviest). Buy some small T sacks next year. Oh yeah ?

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