Derig the entrance pitch

Thu 25 Jul 1991
Olly Betts

+ Andy Fran Henri TU 0 hrs but a hell of a lot of hauling

Everyone being crap, so I foolishly agree to do it. Sit in Wookmobile II in Loser car park in pouring rain and eventually go for it. Got drenched by the time we arrive at Top Camp - drag SRT gear to cave, descend into river down entrance pitch - hide carbide and tie ropes to hauling line, shiver a lot, prussik up and realise that the grease is on floor 20ft below curse and decide to ignore it. Curse continuously up and meet Wooks on ledge (stranded now, having no-geared down and Andy + Fran have deserted for Top camp. Finish prussiking & lower gear. Wookey enjoys my foot loops, cows-tails, etc. which are big for me. Feel hypothermic, until Wookey lends me some dry clothes - opposite problem to him using my SRT gear - and we go back to base. God it was awful ..... and so on. Wookey : ½ hr - (if you can call it U/G !)

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