161 - 1st rigging in trip

Fri 05 Jul 1991
Ian Harris

 Wook, Iain, Henry, Gill, Mark S, Julian S, Ian H \---------v--------------------/         \--v--/ Team A       \------------v-------/  team Team B          C T/U: 9    9     9      7      5       5       0! 

Rigging in to 161 finally begins: Iain finally managed a decent job of the second pitch, rigged down to halfway down hole in the roof but bolt was terminally rusty, Iain's hand hurt and Henry was tired so we went home.

Mark S, Julian S & Ian H all arrived as we descended. Ian had no hat & light & so went home. Gill got left behind with Mark & Julian adding a bolt to eyehole & went out with them - getting strung up for an hour on the entrance pitch.

There were 2 more pitches then in the topo down dreamtime which caused some problems with shuffling ropes. Iain put in another bolt on the handline climb !

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