1st expo caving trip. 1991 !!

Thu 04 Jul 1991
Jon Williams

Thursday 4th July 1991 T/U : 3½ hours

Del, Juliette, Julian H, John

Initial exploration of 'Puffball' 182

All walked up from base camp with kit, then caved. Spent ¾ hour or so finding a route across limestone and bunde to the hole and building cairns. Fairly loose boulder slope into cave below snow at the entrance. Quite a loose rift continues and can be traversed high up. A ladder was fixed to indicate the way on, but it is easier to climb down and only use the top 6 rungs or so. Sharp narrow rift continues for 10 mins to a 10m (?) pitch. Short bit of rift at the bottom to top of next pitch (not rigged). Juliette and John surveyed into the cave.

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    1st expo caving trip. 1991 !!