Fri 05 Jul 1991
Paul Smith

mark rigged down the French pitch, mainly using their spits - which had been missed by most people last year. Y-hang at far end of pitch head beyond large boulders c 10m with deviation to point where rift doubles back on itself. c 15m of abseiling down sloping ledges to point where rift drops into a much larger one. 5m to deviation on far wall, 10m extra to rebelay then 15m to floor. Pitch lands adjacent to cubic boulder (The Dice) in France. Just below last rebelay is large phreatic tube heading off towards French Connection II rift.

Mark attempted to rig down large hole beyond the Dice - Roll of the Dice - which is undescended by us. Abject failure when driver head sheared off. Gentle exit with Fran getting used to Austrian rebelays.

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