Journey out - In Jeremy's car

Sat 30 Jun 1990
Julian Todd

Met Matt who was late (8:30pm) in Chad's carpark, so didn't get away from Cambridge in time to avoid Mark & Tony who dumped lots of extra gear with us... Turned off M25, heading for Dover (of course) until Matt suggested that the Ferry tickets (which we hadn't looked at) might be for Felixstowe. Fortunately they were for Folkestone, so we adjusted course, parked, left Matt in the car & crashed in a dark corner of the passenger demarkation area among the Moop-Neek! coin-take machines. A ferry arrived at 1:30am, so we had to move to a more comfortable building with private toilets, cushions on sofas and freedom to switch off video machines.

Freed from ferry at 6.30am, Dave drove the car all the way to Bad Aussee in 15 hours almost non-stop. Food for the journey was a pile of grease bought on the ferry, a thermos of coffee, a bag of sandwiches made by me from leftovers when I moved out of my room, and 5 fermenting nectarines. Matt navigated for the first half, and then let me take over when it ceased to be too difficult for me. Henceforth all navigation errors were due to Dave overshooting Ausfahrts because no one had any confidence in the signposts. It began raining at Salzburg and so far hasn't stopped.

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