Journey out - Wild Rovers Return

Sat 30 Jun 1990
Jeremy Rodgers

Wild Rovers Return - Paul T, Adam, Jeremy 30/6/90 - 9/7/90

_Found_ rover parked somewhere off Mill Rd, & spent a whole day filling it full of crap (springs bending). The invincible trio managed to meet up & promptly spent a day festering (except Paul who was busy graduating <- Narg!!)

Paul T:
Half an hour after the graduation garden party, stomach full of salmon sandwiches, strawberries and cream, we were off....Down Churchill private road, Storey's Way, up Madingley Road, down the M11, and then a strange petrol smell, ah well never mind, just filled too high, but no, a strange liquid spurting out of the bonnet, 5 miles from Cambridge and we pulled into the hard shoulder, large petrol stain on the road, ranting and swearing, the terrifying trio attempt emergency repairs, armed with only 3 tools boxes situated at vaious inpenetrable areas of the landrover.

Possible slight exaggeration - team trio only stopped when they spotted petrol pouring onto the windscreen (don't tell Mike!). After a quick nut tightening & feeling that landy repairs were easy, set off again to brave hours of sore bottoms.

M11 to Ramsgate was easy peasy despite desperate double declutching & only a minor look of incredulity from the slate faced customs officer.

Sally line had it's customary eat as much as you can for £7.50, so I (Jeremy) ate as much as I could in 5 minutes & spent the next 2 hrs feeling V.V. green!!

2 hours later, Jeremy holding in the puke, and the steak We turnover the first page to reveal Adam's turn.... <Jeremy missed the heart-stopping moment when the oil pressure dived to zero, then just returned to normal as we were on the verge of pulling over>

If the twats had read the instructions, they would have known that the oil pressure gauge had been dead for nearly two years!!

Off ferry into dark, pissing rain, LHS driving & first serious drive in rover since two expdn's ago. Also petrol horrendously low, but made it in time! We drove for a long time. Sleeping didn't really work & we got very zonked. Finally got to Sölden without much further ado ~8.30 (roads really nice on Sundays). It was raining (surprise!) Some time was spent trying to be decisive Re: sleep in rover or rough camp or camp in the nearby site (we had thought we would meet the other's here but they'd gone hütte walking). Eventually plumped for the latter & got off the next day without paying!
> Oh yes, no shops open 'cos the Austrian's are crap, bloody bank holiday.

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